We have witnessed hundreds of 'I-do's' over the years

About the company

White Dress Films is a creative wedding film company, specialising exclusively in the filming and editing of wedding stories to create stunning keepsake films. It is our aim to tell the couple’s unique story in as simple a way as possible with a well-structured edit and beautifully shot footage. This simple work ethic and coupled with our expertise in videography has earned us the winning title for The Wedding Industry Awards for the East of England 2016.

Over the years, we have witnessed hundreds of I-do’s, testimony to which is found in our complete blog. We are far more than just videographers who record the events of your wedding day.

Integral to our work ethic we are for the most part, invisible – that is, never getting in your way or obstructing the seamless flow of your wedding day. There is no added stress element to detract in any way.

We capture it all in real-time, as it happens, so there is no rehearsal or retakes, and we never tell you what to do. It will all be easy and natural so that your wedding can flow uninterruptedly.

But we do like the chance to get to know you beforehand to better understand the basics. We’d like to know what kind of wedding you’re planning. Whether it is intimate or large, the venue, the service, the music and the other details that make up your perfect day.

Your wedding story is unique to you two, and so too will be your wedding film. Our creative editors will make sure of that.

Meet the team

Richard – filmmaker, storyteller and editor. From filming his first wedding, he knew then that he thoroughly enjoyed re-telling that story creatively. With his easy-going personality and years of working with people from different walks of life, Richard is able to get right to the point with what couples want to see. He continues to shoot, edit and produce stunning wedding films which capture the very essence of a couple’s wedding story.

Beth – Beth has been at the core of White Dress Films from its inception, running the business side of the company in all matters from scheduling filming to the accounts. Her keen eye for detail also means that she does the first edits, proofs and checks all trailers and films before they are delivered to clients. Her involvement ensures that entire business runs smoothly and provides invaluable support to the editing process.

Arthur – editor and storyteller. Arthur’s filming experience goes back since he graduated from university, where he started off shooting documentaries and later corporate films. Friendly and outgoing, with a flair for re-telling other people’s stories, Arthur turned his attention to weddings. He feels that there is something momentous about weddings – a happy story each time. Although he will do some filming, his true skill lies in editing and storytelling, where he can spin a real life fairy tale about a couple’s special day.

The final bits

White Dress Films is based in Hertfordshire, but we do work across the UK and abroad for destination weddings. If you would like to find out more information on what to expect in other counties, you can visit our dedicated pages for Essex, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

You can expect to have of the day, from pre-ceremony preparations to the evening celebrations, with ‘in-full’ footage of the entire ceremony and speeches to be included in your wedding film package. We are happy to chat more with you on this, why not send us a request for more pricing information on our contact page?

As we continue to extend our filming capabilities, we now integrate aerial footage for added flair to your wedding film. It is certainly a new feature for you to consider.

We are happy to discuss any questions you might have about creating a unique wedding film. To ‘say hello! contact us here or why not give us a ring on 01279 861760 or Richard’s mobile 07909 891502 .