Welcome to White Dress Films. We offer a bespoke service for your Norfolk based wedding day.

Your wedding day in one of the most important events of your life, so we understand how important it is for us to capture the heart of your wedding as it happens. There is no staging and no endless re-runs. We will simply film events as they unfold in a very unobtrusive way and focus on capturing natural shots that will truly reflect the emotion of the day.

We will capture the true essence of your wedding day, those lingering glances between bride and groom, the shared smiles and intimate whispers, as well as the exhilaration and energy of your family and guests, all done in the most discreet way possible, exactly how we would want our own special day to be filmed.

To get a true understanding of your special day, we like to know about your choice of venue, the service, music and other details that you have organised for your big day. After all, it is all about you, so we tailor your film to suit your individual needs.

Whether you are planning to hold your celebration in the Elizabethan style surroundings of Dunston Hall, with it’s elegant red brick design and charming park-lands, known for its combination of British style and elegant charm, we will provide you with a film that reflects that air of sophistication you want to remember forever.

You may be a cool couple who don’t follow the crowd, and would prefer something more contemporary and unique, such as Voewood Arts & Crafts house, a butterfly-shaped country house set within it’s own secret gardens. If you want to set a more relaxed and offbeat vibe for your special day, then we will be there to capture it perfectly for you.

There is some spectacular scenery to be found in Norfolk, so if you plan to spend a large part of your day outdoors, maybe along the spectacular north Norfolk Coast, overlooking the wild salt marshes and sea, we are fully equipped and able to follow your wedding party everywhere.

The 18th Century Cley Windmill is a popular wedding choice, especially suited to small, intimate ceremonies, and with a backdrop overlooking the coastline to Blakeney Point, as well as flint-walled cottages running down to the old quay, your wedding film will be shot to make the most of your stunning surroundings.

To get in touch click on “contact” or phone 01279 861 760. We look forward to hearing from you soon.