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There comes a time in our lives when most of us become celebrities, and that day is our wedding day. At White Dress Films, we strongly believe that every real life love story has to be filmed with professionalism. This is why it’s important to work with a specialised videographer who can capture the romantic details of your big day, filled with the elements that make you unique as a couple and your story beautiful.

Why opt for wedding videography?

We live in an era when digital media constitutes an integral part of our lives. While it’s true that everyone has access to quality equipment nowadays, that doesn’t automatically mean that they possess the skills and know how to capture the precious memories that you can truly treasure for a lifetime.

Gone are the days of poorly filmed wedding videos, filled with terrible editing and god-awful transitions! Thanks to White Dress Films, your wedding video can become an HD version of reality, where all colours are vibrant, all faces are clearer than ever, and all emotions specific to the joyous event are captured with great flair.

Without trying to diminish the significance of the ceremony, we think that the people present are actually more important than the reception. Your special day means different things to different people. Your wedding could be your mother’s joy, your father’s pride and even your uncle’s day off from work. Rest assured that our experienced videographers and film makers know how to capture all these emotions as they are presented raw.

Why choose White Dress Films?

Regardless of whether you’re in Switzerland on business, you have moved away to pursue a better life or your idea of the perfect wedding entails a venue outside of the UK, White Dress Films can lend a helping hand. By choosing our team as your wedding videographers, we warrant you’ll work with a company that:

·        Has a proven track record in destination weddings

Although we’re based in Hertfordshire, we want you to know that we’ve completed numerous destination wedding projects. After all, our aim is to offer you an individual, unique and tailored wedding video that is ALL about you and your big moment.

·        You’ll be doing business with an award winning service

White Dress Films has been nominated for the Regional Finalist for the Wedding Industry Awards in 2012, and we are the winners of the prestigious East of England Regional Awards of 2013. The Wedding Industry Awards are unique in the sense that the nominees are voted for solely by the clients of the suppliers who have entered the competition.

·        Has obtained the title of ‘Preferred Supplier’ at the Montreux Palace

At White Dress Films, we are proud to have completed several wedding videos in Switzerland and at Le Montreux Palace. Feel free to browse through our website and check out the amazing films we’ve already produced. Take note that our company has also earned the title of ‘Preferred Supplier’ in the area.

·        Can vouch for its quality of work

The ability to capture just the right moments is what sets our team apart from other similar services. Therefore, in addition to choosing the appropriate angles to create a dramatic effect, our professional team knows how to make the wedding video even more special with extra creativity and personalisation.

·        Can promise a professional approach

At White Dress Films we are a small team of professional wedding videographers who know how to handle the latest equipment. We are very creative and have numerous ideas on how to capture your precious moments and make your wedding day a really unforgettable one. Besides the equipment used at the wedding venue, we also have top notch editing tools, so we can promise an amazing result in the end.

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