• Thank you so so much we have watched it three times already, can’t wait to sit and watch the whole thing xx

  • Molly is on the sofa with me wondering why her mummy is crying….. soooo beautiful! Wish i could have my wedding day again xxxxx

  • Oh Sam, I’ve just watched this and I have tears running down my cheeks, it is so beautiful. x

  • Tears in my eyes huny…so lovely! The music is beautiful and the tuc tuc is adorable!!! Stunning video..your speeches are so cute..still remember u telling me all about him when u were treating me for my back hope ur always as happy as u look on ur wedding day x

  • We just nearly nearly had tears! Best wedding video I’ve ever seen, and its only a trailer Xxxxx

  • Just made me well up, so so lovely, because your love is so true. Hope married life is treating you well xxxx

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